EEGR6101 Advanced Computer Graphics

  • Exceptionally motivated undergraduate students may inquire about the possibility of an individual studies course with similar content to this course.

    But first...

    for an example of the type of Advanced Computer Graphics that
    we will build during our projects, see: SpaceStationShuttle demo.
    ECGR 6101 Advanced Computer Graphics
    MW 6:30-7:45PM, tbd Sci & Tech ... we may move to 238 Sci & Tech

    Instructor: Prof. T. Weldon

  • Course Outline

  • We will be using Conitec 3D GameStudio software (Team edition) to demonstrate advanced computer graphics concepts and methods for this course. The software should be visible in your MOSAIC menu on any PC in the college. We will be using a commercial Team version, however you may wish to experiment with the free 30-day trial version available from the Conitec website.

    There is no textbook. Most likely we will use free handouts

    Chapter 1 Intro, Chapter 2 Quick Start, Chapter 3 Level Design,
    Chapter 4 Model Design, Chapter 5 Skinning, Chapter 6 Animation,
    Chapter 7 C-scripts, and so on...

  • Projects

    Projects will be due in class on tuesday of the following week. There will be no groups for the first 7 or 8 "canned" projects, each student must turn in a separate project and report. If a final project is of sufficient complexity, students may work in groups ... but the project proposal must show that the project complexity merits a group effort.

    It is hoped that final project proposals will be due sometime shortly after the middle of the semester, at which time the final project will commence for 5 to 7 weeks.

    Class attendance is mandatory, and up to 5% of the course grade may be forfeited for each absence in excess of 3 missed class periods.

  • Project 1 (Week 1: Getting things running and Chapter 1)
  • Project 2 (Week 2: A Quick Look At Advanced Graphics in Video Games and Chapter 2)
  • Project 3 (Week 3: Graphics in Game Levels and Chapter 3)
  • Project 4 (Week 4: Graphic Models and Chapter 4)
  • Project 5 (Week 5: Graphics Animation and Chapters 5, 6)
  • Project 6 (Week 6: Graphics Script Programming and Chapter 7)
  • Project 7 (Week 7: Artificial Intelligence Behind the Graphics and Chapter 8) due
  • Project 8 (Week 8: Other Grapics topics: Lighting, doors, triggers, and lifts; Chapters 9 and 10) due

  • Sample Models
  • Final Project (proposal due week 10: TBD... )

  • Project Problem Resolution Guidelines (If members of a group are not contributing)

  • C++ review
    The scripting language in GameStudio looks a lot like C++, so you may find the following review helpful (we wont be using UNIX):
  • Intro to C++, UNIX, and Make
  • vecdemo: a simple C++ program example.
  • vecdemo description. (a simple C++ demo)

  • vecdemo gzippped tar file.
    Download vecdemo.tar.gz (1411 byte gzipped)

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  • How EA makes games
  • Jobs & Internships at EA
  • <><>Advice from  EA    "Since we are creating 3D games here, nothing impresses us more than an example of a 3D game that we can actually play."
  • North Carolina Game Companies
  • Red Storm Epic Games, Raleigh, NC
  • Octagon Entertainment, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Red Storm Entertainment, Morrisville, NC
  • iEntertainment Network, Cary, NC
  • Vicious Cycle Software, Inc.
  •  Epic Games, Raleigh NC.
  • Independent Games festival (BIG prizes!)

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  • Project Problem Resolution Guidelines (If members of a group are not contributing)

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