Project 7: Advanced Computer Graphics: Artificial Intelligence Behind the Graphics

Reference for this project: Chapter 7

Basic AI: aiDumbBiped01
"Dumb AI Bipeds(01)"


Figure 1.  A player plus opponent.

ifndef aiDumbtw_wdl;
define aiDumbtw_wdl;

// scale rotation and linear input by the force modifiers
//aiDumbBiped01_ang_force_vec.pan  = 0;
aiDumbBiped01_ang_force_vec.pan  =  my._max_ang_force_pan__003;     //tw
aiDumbBiped01_ang_force_vec.tilt = 0;
aiDumbBiped01_ang_force_vec.roll = 0;
aiDumbBiped01_force_vec.x = my._max_force_x__003;
//aiDumbBiped01_force_vec.y = 0;        
aiDumbBiped01_force_vec.y = my._max_force_y__003;         //tw
            //aiDumbBiped01_force_vec.y = 0;
            aiDumbBiped01_force_vec.z = 0;

Randomizing aiDumbBiped01

if( random(10) > 7.9 )           //randomization
     aiDumbBiped01_ang_force_vec.pan  =110;
}  //end tpw

"Simple FPS AIs(01)"

include <fxa01.wdl>;
include <weaponfx00.wdl>;
include <weapons00.wdl>;
include <aiFPS01.wdl>;

Figure 2.  Spiders.

FPS AI: Path Following


Figure 3.  Path added for path-following spider.

Report and demonstration:

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