Project 1:

Advanced Computer Graphics: A Quick Overview of the 3D GameStudio software package
(for the impatient)

Reference for this project: Chapter 1 (Link to page of draft book chapter.)

Due to some complexities in our afs filesystems, you may have to re-open any of
your game files using the path: "U:/pc/win_data/whoever'sDocuments/mydirectory/"
instead of from the "MyDocuments" folder.  Otherwise you may find that you get an
error such as "damaged at line -1" when trying to open the file.  So, it may be safest
to always open and save files in "U:/pc/win_data/whoever'sDocuments/mydirectory/ "
instead of "MyDocuments."  It may be necessary to adjust/add your wdl script path such as:
path "U:\\pc\\win_data\\my documents\\3dGameStudio07\\p7";    // Path to game directory

Also, IF you WORK FORM HOME using MOSAICAnywhere, you may encounter
an error in rendering that causes WED to crash with "Warning: nothing rendered... install DirectX."
To workaround the error, close and restart WED, then before doing anyhting else change the
graphics driver by MenuBar::File::Preferences::MainTab::VideoOut and select the GXLbase.dll
optin for 2D and 3D.  Then try MenuBar::File::NEw and WED should not crash.    Unfortunately,
this low-level driver may make models/players invisible, and will often be insufficient to display
video when you run the game.  You may wish to experiment with the next highest or higher
level drivers in the list of opptions.  Otherwise, consider downloading the same version of
3D GameStudio from Conitec if you must work from home, but be careful not to get
a version different from the one installed on campus.

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Figure 1. Level editor (WED) with techdemo.wmp loaded.



<>Figure 2. Initial screen when techdemo is compiled and run.


<>Figure 3.  C-Script Editor window showing the top of the techdemo.wdl script.


<>Figure 4.  MED model editor showing elf.mdl model.




Report and demonstration:



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