Project 2: Advanced Computer Graphics: a simple example

Reference for this project: Chapter 2 (Link to page of draft book chapter.)

Due to some complexities in our afs filesystems, you may have to re-open any of
your game files using the path: "U:/pc/win_data/whoever'sDocuments/mydirectory/"
instead of from the "MyDocuments" folder.  Otherwise you may find that you get an
error such as "damaged at line -1" when trying to open the file.  So, it may be safest
to always open and save files in "U:/pc/win_data/whoever'sDocuments/mydirectory/ "
instead of "MyDocuments."  It may be necessary to adjust/add your wdl script path such as:
path "U:\\pc\\win_data\\my documents\\3dGameStudio07\\p7";    // Path to game directory

Report and demonstration:

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