Analog and Digital Communications 


QAM Chip for LTE 64-QAM


The topic of this Mini-Paper is the QAM modulation for LTE (long-term evolution) cellphone standard .

Unless otherwise noted, questions refer to the paper "A digital polar transmitter with DC-DC converter supporting 256-QAM WLAN and 40 MHz LTE-A carrier aggregation"


The required of items to be included in this mini-paper are:
  1. Table with 2 columns: the parameter, and the parameter value (you must cite your reference for this in your paper)
  2. Show the formula for a QAM signal fqam(t) from the lecture notes
  3. Plot of measured  LTE 64-QAM constellation diagram AND frequency spectrum (hint: choose correct subplots from Fig. 9 of paper ).  Note: EVM (Error_vector_magnitude) refers to the error seen in the constellation

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