A surprising trace of my academic genealogy from https://academictree.org/theology/tree.php?pid=59482 goes all the way back to Jesus Christ.

A search in Theology Tree shows a shorter distance of 88
and a search in PhysicsTree shows distance of 84 to Amatre de Atun .

  1. Jesus Christ
  2. John Zebedee and here and link in Theology tree
  3. Polycarp Church of Smyrna
  4. Irenaeus (Irénée de Lyon)     (alternate via Andochius D'Autun )
  5. Amatre D'Autun (Amateur),   La Cathédrale D'Autun see theologyTree
  6. Martín 1st D'Autun, ~270,   La Cathédrale D'Autun
  7. Rhétice D'Autun,   La Cathédrale D'Autun see theologyTree
  8. Cassien D'Autun, ~350,  La Cathédrale D'Autun
  9. Egemone D'Autun,   La Cathédrale D'Autun
  10. Simplice D'Autun,   La Cathédrale D'Autun
  11. Evance D'Autun,   La Cathédrale D'Autun
  12. Léonce D'Autun, ~430, La Cathédrale D'Autun
  13. Euphrône D'Autun,   La Cathédrale D'Autun
  14. Flavichon D'Autun, ~517,   La Cathédrale D'Autun
  15. Pragmace D'Autun,   La Cathédrale D'Autun
  16. Procule 1st D'Autun,   La Cathédrale D'Autun
  17. Valeolus D'Autun,   La Cathédrale D'Autun
  18. Procule 2nd D'Autun,   La Cathédrale D'Autun
  19. Agrippin D'Autun, ~530,   La Cathédrale D'Autun
  20. Nectaire D'Autun,   La Cathédrale D'Autun
  21. Eupard D'Autun,   La Cathédrale D'Autun
  22. Rémi D'Autun,   La Cathédrale D'Autun
  23. Syagre D'Autun, ~600,   La Cathédrale D'Autun
  24. Lupon D'Autun,   L'Abbaye De Saint-Martin D'Autun
  25. Héroald D'AutunL'Abbaye De Saint-Martin D'Autun
  26. Médéric D'AutunL'Abbaye De Saint-Martin D'Autun
  27. Frou D'BarjonL'Abbaye De Saint-Martin D'Autun see theologyTree
  28. Vascon D'Autun,~730,  La Cathédrale D'Autun
  29. Amatre 2nd D'AutunLa Cathédrale D'Autun
  30. Moderannus (Morannus) D'AutunLa Cathédrale D'Autun
  31. Gairon D'Autun,  La Cathédrale D'Autun
  32. Hiddon D'Autun,  La Cathédrale D'Autun
  33. Renaud 1st D'AutunLa Cathédrale D'Autun
  34. Martín 2nd D'Autun,  La Cathédrale D'Autun
  35. Alderic D'AutunLa Cathédrale D'Autun
  36. Modoin D'AutunLa Cathédrale D'Autun
  37. Bernon D'Autun, ~840, La Cathédrale D'Autun
  38. Altée D'AutunL'Abbaye De Saint-Martin D'Autun
  39. Badilon 1st D'AutunL'Abbaye De Saint-Martin D'Autun
  40. Arnulf D'AutunL'Abbaye De Saint-Martin D'Autun
  41. Badilon 2nd D'AutunL'Abbaye De Saint-Martin D'Autun
  42. Bernon de Cluny (Berno), ~920,  Cluny Abbey see theologyTree
  43. Odon de Cluny (Odo),   Cluny Abbey
  44. Aimar de Cluny (Aymard),   Cluny Abbey
  45. Mayeul de Cluny (Maiolus),   Cluny Abbey
  46. Odilón de Cluny (Odilo),   Cluny Abbey
  47. Hugues 1st de Cluny (Hugh I), ~1100,   Cluny Abbey
  48. Pedro de Bourges, Cathedral of Burgo De Osma see theologyTree
  49. Raimundo de Toledo, Cathedral of Burgo De Osma
  50. Beltrán de Bourges, Cathedral of Burgo De Osma
  51. Esteban de Bourges, Cathedral of Burgo De Osma
  52. Juan de Bourges, ~1150, Cathedral of Burgo De Osma
  53. Bernardo de Bourges, Cathedral of Burgo De Osma
  54. Miguel de Bourges, Cathedral of Burgo De Osma
  55. García de Bourges, Cathedral of Burgo De Osma
  56. Martín de BazánCathedral of Burgo De Osma
  57. Diego de Acebes, ~1200,  Cathedral of Burgo De Osma
  58. Domingo de Guzmán (Dominic de Guzmán),   University of Palencia
  59. Reginald Of Saint-Gilles,   University of Paris
  60. Jordan Of Saxony, University of Paris, at distance 29 in Physics Tree  skipping Aquinas through Jordan/Magnus/Petrus in PhilTree
  61. Albertus Magnus, and in TheologyTree ~1200-1280,   University of Cologne
  62. Thomas Aquinas, ~1250,  University of Paris  and at distance 29 in PhysicsTree )
  63. Petrus Joannis Olivi, University of Paris    (in phd tree but not philos. tree or theology tree)
  64. Gonsalvus Of Spain,    University of Paris  (in phd tree but not philos. tree or theology tree)
  65. John Duns Scotus, ~1270-1308,  University of Oxford see theologyTreeScotus/Magnus-skipsAquinas
  66. William Of Ockham (Occam's razor), ~1287-1347,  University of Oxford see also theologyTreeOckham/Groote/Scotus and distance 25 in PhysicsTree
  67. Geert Groote, and theologyTree ~1380,   Deventer see also mathTreeGroote/Hegius/Kempis
  68. Florentius Radewyn,      Deventer
  69. Thomas A. Kempis,        Deventer
  70. Alexander Hegius,~1470, University of Paris  (or in NeuroTree via Kempis, Dringenberg, Wimpheling, Trithemius, von Dalberg, Agricola, Hegius)
  71. Desiderius Erasmus and philosophyTree,  University of Freiburg
  72. Jakob Milich,     Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
  73. Erasmus Reinhold,  Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
  74. Valentin Naboth (Valentine Naibod),   University of Cologne
  75. Rudolph Snellius and theologyTree,       Leiden University see also link to Martin Luther in PhilTree via Johannes Kepler and Hafenreffer/HeerBrand/Luther
  76. Willebrord Snellius (Snell's Law) and physicsTree,   Leiden University    also traces back to Kepler at distance 18 hrough tree
  77. Jacobus Golius, ~1620,   Leiden University  
  78. Frans van Schooten Jr.,  Leiden University  (van Schooten also traces back to Marin Mersenne through vanSchooten/Mersenne)
  79. Christiaan Huygens and physicsTree, ( wave theory of light)  French Academy of Sciences  
  80. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, (calculus),  Court of The Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg in Hanover (Leibniz also traces back to Copernicus at distance 22 through  Copernicus/Rheticus/Steinmetz/Meurer/Muller/Weigel/Leibniz)
  81. Nicolas Malebranche,  Académie Royale Des Sciences De Pari, see also trace forward through Malebranche/Varignon/Caron/D'Alembert/Laplace/Poisson/Dirichlet
  82. Jacob Bernoulli, (constant e and Bernoulli equation) University of Basel  
  83. Johann Bernoulli, University of Basel  
  84. Leonhard Euler,  at distance 13 in PhysicsTree, see also mathTree (functions and Euler identity) Royal Prussian Society of Sciences 
  85. Joseph-Louis Lagrange at distance 12 and ee also mathTree (calculus of variations and Euler-LaGrange equation), École Polytechnique 
  86. Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier, (Fourier transform) ~1800,  Académie Royale Des Sciences De Paris at distance 11 in PhysicsTree  and see mathTree
  87. Gustav Peter Lejeune Dirichlet, (Dirichlet boundary)  University of Berlin  (Dirichlet also traces back to Laplace at distance 12 and Poisson at distance 11 and Lagrange at distance 12 in  PysicsTree) see mathTreePoisson see also trace back through Dirichlet/Poisson/Laplace/D'Alembert/Caron/Varignon/Malebranche
  88. Rudolf Otto Sigismund Lipschitz, see PhD tree and also mathTree   University of Bonn 
  89. Felix Christian Klein, (Klein bottle) University of Göttingen (Klein also traces back to Gauss at disance 11 and Ohm in  PhysicsTree) see mathTreeGauss/Gerling/Plucker/Klein
  90. Ferdinand von Lindemann  proof "pi" is transcendental in MathTree Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich
  91. Arnold Sommerfeld, (Drude–Sommerfeld model)  Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich  
  92. Ernst Adolph Guillemin,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology also MIT E-tree   
  93. John Groff Truxal,  see also compSciTree  Polytechnic Institute of New York University   
  94. Bede Liu,   Princeton University, see also mathTreeBedeLiu
  95. David Clair Munson Jr.,  Rochester Inst. Tech. 
  96. William E. Higgins,    Pennsylvania State University 
  97. Thomas Paul Weldon, Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte

The root link for the tree is https://academictree.org/physics/tree.php?pid=741215

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