Format of .img image files

1. Image file format for .img suffix files:

	With y and x dimensions as shown on the GUI interface:

	   ------>  y-axis


	I read the .img files and access them as (in C++ language):

	      *(unsigned_char_pointer + x_location * y_dimension + y_location)

	where unsigned_char_pointer is a pointer to the beginning of the
	data read in from the file.

	Each byte in the file is interpreted as a single pixel in the 
	image with grayscale range from 0 (black) to 255 (white).  

	NOTE: there is no "header" in the ".img" files, from the
	first to last byte is all data.

Format of .inf information files

2. Information (.inf) files:

	Several of the programs support "imformation" files.  These files have
	the suffix ".inf" and contain three ascii-text lines of information:

		x-dimension of image
		y-dimension of image
		z-dimension of image

	For example, the 256 x 256 pixel "pepper.img" file would have
	a corresponding information file named "pepper.inf" containing
	the following three lines:


	Similarly, the 256 x 256 image "comp5.img" would have a
	corresponding "comp5.inf" file with the same contents above.

	NOTE: In the absence of a ".inf" file, the image is read in using
	the values of x, y, and z dimensions as currently set in the 
	corresponding fields of the GUI interface.

Note on "slices"

Slices are numbered from 0 through Z-1, where Z is the z-dimension of the data. So for the 256 x 256 x1 file pepper.img, set slice=0.