RF, Digital Radio and Metamaterial Fundamentals


Digital Non-Foster Circuits and Non-Foster Antennas


Work in assigned project groups. 

The objective of this project is to simulate Project: Digital NonFoster Circuits and Non-Foster Antennas.

NOTE: Use the Project Report Template and keep answers to questions on consecutive sheets of paper with all plots at the end.

IN NO CASE may code or files be exchanged between students, and each student must answer the questions themselves and do their own plots, NO COPYING of any sort! Nevertheless, students are encouraged to collaborate in the lab session.

Part 1: Digital Non-Foster Circuit Simulation

  • See the following paper containing the theory and needed parameters:

  • Near the bottom of the file, you will see the plot that must be added to your report
  • It has errors, and will look similatr to this:
  • zz

    Fig 001
  • Edit the parameters (blue circle above) so that the plot (magenta circle above) is almost identical the Fig. 6 of the paper cited above
  • Save a snapshot for your report
  • How closely does the imaginary part of Zin(s) match the ideal reactance of a negative capacitor?
  • At what frequency  does the imaginary part of Zin(s) begin to diverge from the ideal reactance of a negative capacitor?
  • What is the sample rate of the system?
  • As an optional exercise, reduce latency to 1 ns, and observe the changes
  • s

  • What clock determines the carrier frequency?
  • Save your work!
  • Part 2: Non-Foster Antenna Bandwidth Improvement

    Fig 002
    FIg 003

    Fig 004

    Report Data

    See report template below