Mixed-Signal IC Design

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Design Tools

We have been developing mixed-signal design tools to support our projects. These tools provide added functionality to the Mentor Graphics suite of design tools that is being used for the design, simulation, and layout of our mixed-signal IC chips. These specialized add-ons are extensions of the Mentor Design Kit for MOSIS. The tools support CMOS, BJT (Bipolar), and BiCMOS processes.

Some of our developed tools for SDL (schematic driven layout)



The following are a few mixed-signal (IC's with mixed analog and digital circuits on a single chip) and related integrated circuits designed using Mentor Graphics and fabricated using the MOSIS service. Fabrication was in 1.2 micron and 2 micron CMOS, BJT (Bipolar), and BiCMOS processes.
CMOS 8-bit DAC.

BJT Gilbert cell .

CMOS phase detector and VCO's .

VCO's (voltage-controlled oscillators) .

AMI 1.2 test chip with diffamps and VCO's .

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