EEGR6118 Project cores

See main course website for Java/Netbeans tutorial and Mathcad tutorial.

We have several ways to access, process, and display images in the course. The main starting points are listed below.

  • Mathcad:
    Mathcad may also be used to open, display, and process image files. A mathcad demo on opening image files is here: zipped Mathcad demo file (reads images and Fourier)
    pdf printout of Mathcad demo

  • ImgPro-jv41:
    ImgPro-jv41 is a Java/Netbeans-4.1 program that reads ".img" and ".jpg" files, has a built-in logfft function, and writes ".png" output files. For details, see the web-page: tpwJavaNtebeansTutorial/imgProjv41/
    Note: if the windows-click-and-run is installed incorrectly, you will need to open a command-prompt window and type "java -jar myjarfile.jar" to run myjarfile.jar. The jar files are most commonly in the "dist" subdirectories of Netbeans projects.

  • ImgPro4:
    A MSwindows/VisC++ based program (ImgPro4.exe) that can read, convert, Fourier, and display ".img" and ".bmp" files is here: Just drop into your image directory, unzip, and run. For those who really feel that they want to code en VisualC++, see the instructor to request access to the VisualC++ source code.

  • old Project core (not used):
    The projects will be based on a core image viewer with extra buttons to add new functions for your projects. You will write C++ programs to perform image processing tasks that add the functionality to the buttons.

    You add the functions by creating executable programs in your directory. These functions are called by each button. You should assume that the input image for your executable is the image displayed in the viewer, and is accessable from a temporary file tmp00.img. You should also put your output into the same temporary file, tmp00.img. This file will then be displayed by the viewer.

  • Picture of project core program, "proj.gif"

  • Project core "pcore" executable for sun workstations: download proj executable

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