old 4123 projects (most are no longer used)

  • MathCad Introduction.

  • Projects

  • Maathcad Mini-Project intro:    
  • Maathcad Mini-Project Fourier series:  
  • Maathcad Mini-Project Fourer trans:   AND wifi mini-paper (
  • Maathcad Mini-Project distortion and power spectral density AND bluetooth mini-paper
  • Maathcad Mini-Project AM:  AND QAM Chip for LTE 64-QAM mini-paper,  
  • Maathcad Mini-Project FM, PM:  .
  • Maathcad Mini-Project sampling, quantiz: w
  • Maathcad Mini-Project line code, Shannon: AND 5G UFMC mini-paper  
  • Project: non-Foster antenna bandwidth for wireless communication
  • c

  • Project: non-Foster antenna bandwidth for wireless communication


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