Electromagnetic Waves


Plane Waves

As of 12 Feb 2019, you must run HFSS using Fastx on either engr-lcs1, engr-lcs2, engr-lcs5, and engr-lcs6. HFSS will now work on those servers if you choose the "MATE (VirtualGL)" or "KDE (VirtualGL)" option when logging in with FastX.

As of 12 Feb 2019, HFSS (an older version that is being updated) may also be available on MOSAIC anywhere


Work in assigned project groups. 

The objective of this project is to do 3D simulation of  a plane wave.

NOTE: Use the Project Report Template

IN NO CASE may code or files be exchanged between students, and each student must answer the questions themselves and do their own plots, NO COPYING of any sort! Nevertheless, students are encouraged to collaborate in the lab session.

Part 1: 3D simulation of a plane wave

  • In this part, simulations are performed of a plane wave using HFSS software.
  • This simple demo illustrates a plane wave traveling in vacuum
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