Digital Control Systems

Final Project


The objective of this project is to become familiar with:

NOTE: Use the Project Report Template and see below for minimum required data content your reports and demos.

IN NO CASE may code or files or data or pictures be exchanged between student groups, there is to be NO COPYING of group reports!
Not required in 2021: Also, each student must be able to independently answer any questions themselves during demos.
All students are expected to learn all aspects of every project.
Nevertheless, students are encouraged to collaborate (not copy) during the lab sessions.
Aspects of any project may be included on exams/quizzes.

Final Project

The final project will consist of:

  1. Final report: due by email on/before the start of the final class period (see canvas for due date and total points) , including:
  2. Final video presentation: worth 25 extra credit project points 
  3. Peer reviews of video presentations worth 25 extra credit project points    

Final Project Description


Fig. 1.  Classical digital compensation D(z)


Fig. 2.  State-variable digital observer+controller compensation

Report Data

  • See report template below

  • Report:

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